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Wonder child from Kashmir invents counting pen

Child prodigy from Kashmir has left the world amazed by making history after he invented a pen that keeps a word count while writing.
Nine-year-old Muzaffar Ahmad Khan, hailing from the Gurez Valley in Indian occupied Kashmir has invented a ‘counting pen’ that keeps track of the number of words written down on paper through an LCD monitor fixed inside the pen.
Talking to Indian media outlets, the third grade student stated: "It is a pen with a casing attached to its rear. Once someone starts writing, it keeps a track of the word count, which is displayed on a small LCD monitor attached to it.”
According to Muzaffar, the word count can also be checked on a mobile phone through a message.
The wonder child has also revealed the reasons behind his revolutionary innovation. "In my last exam, I got minimum marks as I wrote fewer words. It made me restless and from that very time, I started thinking of inventing something which can save my time and finally 'counting pen' struck my mind," stated Muzaffar.
A model of Muzaffar’s invention has also been exhibited at National Innovation Foundation’s (NIF) Festival of Innovation and Entrepreneurship.
After NIF’s decision to make the boy’s creation commercially available, the counting pen will be available in the market, as early as May.
(from thenews)

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