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Bangladesh rejoices as Bengali new year kicks in

DHAKA: Festivities were in full swing all across Bangladesh as the nation collectively welcomed the new Bengali year of 1425, or as it’s known in their local language as ‘Pohela Boishakh’.
The festival full of colors and merriment is known to be the only festival that the entire country collectively engages in, regardless of the class, religion, race or beliefs of any group of people.
The festival marking a holiday on the first day of the Bengali year, has also been listed by UNESCO as part of world heritage in 2016.
The celebrations kick off as soon as the sun rises and people assemble at the main venues around Dhaka University, donned in new clothes.
The Bengali new year also marks the start of the new Bengali financial year for the business communities, therefore, Bengalis are usually seen visiting shops and buying valuables as part of a belief that this practice brings about good luck.

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